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The Company

“We are the storytellers; we are the creators, we are the alchemists of dreams.
If you have an idea we can shape it into a story…if you have a story we can transform it into a script, and if you have a script we can bring it to life for you on celluloid.......”

The Red Cult

As is the motive of the Entertainment Industry, so is the essence of the Company…it has just one goal “narrating stories”.It does not matter if it’s a big screen or small, all they know is to tell a story in the most interesting manner. Be it an Ad Film, or a Music Video, Soap, or a Feature Film.

The Red Cult is best described as a comprehensive ‘Creative Studio’, for it does not restrict itself to any one aspect of filmmaking. It is a one-stop destination for anyone with a creative or technical need.

The creators of The Red Cult are accomplished professionals in the entertainment industry, and along with immense experience, they bring with them a hand picked team of crew with specific specializations.

The company’s combined narrative and technical prowess will add value to any production at any stage.· They skillfully bring ideas to life, fleshing out concepts and telling stories effectively and engagingly.

The Red Cult crew has a keen and informed understanding of the need for artistic and original work.· Quality drives their professional standard while customer satisfaction remains their top priorit.